The beginnings were simple times with great friends skating our youth away. We ruled the streets in our local area with a ruthless disregard for time and pain, rolling from spot to spot, and shooting clips on VHS style camcorders, never to be cut into videos.

Mass transit expanded the spot selection and created endless possibilities for new inline tricks larger and more adrenaline filled then the current level of p-rails and homemade boxes. 

And in the days we rode, our tears and smiles expanded, into a passion for Inline and a family of SK8R4LIFE.

Where Next?


The Start

All Artwork Created by Matthew Kircheim

Photos By:

Michael Horbatiuk

Jack Nesbitt

Andy LimPuiu

Matt Kircheim

We are not mystics or gods.

I hope that the future will bring new products, cheeky characters, radical innovations and crazy events to Inline Skating as a whole.

Only together through passion for Inline will that happen.
Only continued support of the products, companies, and events make that happen.

Only you and your Inline Skates can make that happen.

And as bladers we will make it happen.


Alas, those youthful days are gone, time has healed old wounds, and the passion and devotion to Inline as a sport remains. The fluid motions of muscle memory have slowed, but not changed, and the passion to feel alive through skating has never been stronger. 

The people who know what I speak of, everyone who has "blades", the desire, and the urge to feel the flow of inline skates on their feet are SK8R4LIFE. 

Through that flow of creativity a company completely devoted to the sport itself has formed to develop goods for Inline Skating.